Post It

A New Original Comedy Series
by Todd Milner.

Live and laugh with the quirky,
the bizarre and the idiosyncratic minions
of the post production world.

Follow our ensemble cast of diverse
characters at the last stop of every project
in the creative food chain, called “Post It”.

Post It is a situation comedy set in a fictional
commercial, TV and new media
post production studio in New York City.


The Creative Team

Todd Milner

Accomplished Writer, Director and Post Producer  Todd Milner pens a future classic American sitcom. 


Post It

Post It is where “The Office” meets “Seinfeld”.  Envisioned  the comedic story telling stylings of a “Modern Family” coupled with the comedic timing of The Big Bang Theory.

Bob Hein

Academy Member,  Writer, Director and Supervising Sound Editor Robert Hein adds a New York favor to  the sitcom magic.

Every episode of Post It is original and
shall make you laugh out loud while it tackles the daily issues of problem solving in the modern workplace.


Post It is where “The Office” meets “Seinfeld”. Envisioned with rich cinematic visuals Post It will parallel the comedic story telling stylings of a “Modern Family”.


Drenched in authentic real life humor
with snappy, real and at times dry seemingly pointless dialogue but hilarious situations that all connects
by story’s end. 

Post It is on par with all the great comedy sitcoms of past.

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it will be


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