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We are content producers.
We specialize in producing post production.

We partner with talented
professionals in content
creation business to produce
original content and
reproduce established content.

We help crowdfund for contents.
We help good content find its audience
and more…….


We partner with merchants to
help content creators fundraise
for their Post Production.

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Thespian Theater

Saturday Nights
TrueIndy.com host online group script readings of one of the projects in development.

It’s Fun.

Free to Attend.

Bring A Friend.

Join the Fun!


Before  &  After

A group sessions.
Meet the artist.
Read their story.
Exclusive Screenings.

Coming Soon

Post Producers

The True Indy team partners with content creators help content find an audience.

Contact Us:
Brooklyn, NY 11238 
email: cs@trueindy.com
phone: (212) 690-4020
text only: (202)670-9850