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Thank You;

For taking the time and learning more about our mission to add to the GREATER GOOD of humanity, of the individual, (including yourself) and our world as a whole.

Maybe your contribution, lesson, donation, advice, gift, and or beautiful words of encouragement my not be immediately seen, by any of us or in our lifetime.

That is the heart of the Greater Good Theory; in simple terms:

I may not see my contribution of $100 bare fruit today, however tomorrow that $100 donation I made to help one person’s Dream today; just might produce the next Albert Einstein, Harriett Truman, Steve Jobs, Mozart, James Brown, Dr. King or any one of our sons and daughters becoming one of and adding to the GREATER GOOD.

Thank You;

for your support. If you were not able to donate this time thank you for one of your most precious assets; Your Time To Explore, the Greater Good in all of Us.