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True Indy’s
Platform  Fee – 9% of total amount raised.

We donate back most of our profits to help other great ideas reach their goals.

  • Credit Card            }

  • Debit Card  Fees  }      3.5%  –  4.9%

  • PayPal                        }

This fee is charge by the banks and credit card companies and we can not do anything about it.  We hate it as much as you but it is the big banks.

Campaign Manager’s Fee
10% -25% after above fees.

This is a fee that is Negotiated between the Client and the Campaign Managers.  But each CM agrees to give between 3%-5% of their earnings toward helping other projects.  Everyone has skin in the game at True Indy.com.  As we want all of our client’s dreams to be realized.


This is were a great CM comes in handy as they have relationships fostered by True Indy.com to get clients great original Swag, Perks, Hook-ups, Rewards and or gifts.   These Swag Bags add tremendous amount of sway in getting the crowd to donate to your project.


To get your project fully funded, some publicity and some great giveaways to support your project and contributors.  The FEES MAY SEEM to add up but with a great CM it will be a piece of cake.  You can choose one of our established CM, {if they are available to take on your project} or we will assign you one of our well versed CM, or you can make it happen yourself if you are up to the HARD HARD WORK of establishing and reaching the funding goals..

Keep in ***MIND the END GOAL*** is for everyone’s experience to be: