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To NOT be just another crowdfunding platform.
We are different in our approach,
our methodology, and our project execution.


You can give whatever your heart desires and the SWAG before goes to TrueIndy.com / TrueIndie.com general fund.
(Once the general fund has accounts needed to help people finish their projects then the general fund is distributed fairly via an all inclusive executive committee, ensuring fairness and equality)

True Indy.com does not judge what is ART or someone’s good DREAM.  True Indy.com evaluates completion funds using many criteria; like but not the only; probably of completion, success of goal, ultimate goal of your idea or project and can you explain how your idea fits within the GREATER GOOD THEORY!.

The Greater Good, does not mean it must help many because sometimes helping the few can create this such unimaginable great magical ripple effect that ends up helping the many.

Thus, in the end NO PROMISES on projects selected by the general fund committee.

To Make Donating Easier;  We group them into amount classes.

You buying from the general fund goes to the completions of projects only.
Or you can donate directly to the Artist, the Inventor, the Dreamer’s page.
You can ask that your donation in the general class go to a specific project, (but that is at a slightly lower percentage % rate) as to be fair.

LEVEL • #1


{$5 – $10}
•Associate Producer•


{$10 – $15}
•On the Line Producer•


{$15 – $20}



Do NOT judge anyone on how they make their money.
Judge them by what they do,
how the helped another with the money they made.


LEVEL • #2 •


{$20 – $25}
•Associate Producer•


{$25 – $35}
•On the Line Producer•


{$35 – $45}


We Have Skin in the Project Too:

We do not just help, we put a sizable piece of profits into the project show we share in your believe and you contribution is not alone.

LEVEL • #3


Affiliate Producer
$45 – $50}•

Adjacent Producer
•{$50 – $75}•

Assistant Producer
•{$75 – $100}•


Our great and most appreciated contributors we like to think of them as Producer of Tomorrow.  There are many different levels and titles in producing.  The designation depends on the contribution amount.

With the constant of the client/ the dreamer of the project we would love to acknowledge by giving your role and your level of helping credit in the final piece.

We would also love to give you a general acknowledgement on our site (all personal information kept private, of course) as a great Producer who supports the ideas of the future.

Name in the CREDITS:

LEVEL • #4 •
— Team GOLD —


Associate Producer
{$100 – $150}•

Executive Producer
•{$150 – $200} •

Line Producer
{$200 – $300 }•

What Make US different?

than other crowd funding platforms…..

Most of our Profits goes to help the list projects, too;
(thus we have a stake in the success of the project just like you.)

every donation can choose from our partnered websites a gift equal to the retail value of your contribution.;
(A win-Win-WIN situation.)
(Everyone receive value for their donations.)

You can choose your own Swag / Perk / and or Gift.
(No cheap crappy, gift that you will never use nor has any value.)

We have CM (Campaign Managers), trained experts to ensure the completion of the projects funding goals. To ensure the completion target of the project.
To ensure you receiving your credit and your SWAG.

  • We are developing additional options as we speak;
  • Charitable Gift Option that would allow a tax deduction.
  • A Piece of the Action Option.
  • A gift in the name Option.
  • Giveaway your Perks to another option
  • and Many, Many, Many more incredible options to come.

Top Notch Above The Line

LEVEL • #5


Executive Producer
•{$300 – $500 }•

Top Notch
{$500 – $750}•

Above the Line Producers
•{$750 & up}•

Please understand that the role and or title of Producer as listed on True Indy projects DOES NOT nor CAN NOT give any rights of ownership or say in any project development you chosen to support.

Please view all contributions as gift with the only true return of value that is you helped your fellow human.  All else is just an extra Perk.

We at fast at work to offer select ownership stakes in projects based on the Jobs Act of 2010.  However, at this time NO level of ownership is and or will be conveyed unless specifically and independent negotiated within the Jobs Act of 2010 and as been updated.

***** PLEASE ****

help someone’s else dream come to reality today,
for it may be your dream we can help bring to reality, tomorrow.

Thank You

Austin Koolsbee,
Operation Management,
True Indy.com